The conference hall of the Scientific and Technical Library and the Institute of Scientifiс,
Technical and Economic Information (1971, architect Florian Yuriev) resembles the form of “UFO”
and has unique acoustic and lighting capabilities. The rhythm and the form of the custom type “UFO”
echoes with the way of sound propagation and colour spread in the conference hall, which, according
to the architect’s design, was supposed to become a modern theater of a new type – the Light Theater.
It was the idea of the Light Theater that inspired me to use the traditional woodblock printing technique,
which combines the significance of sound and the density of colour and creates a sense of presence
at the performance in the Light Theatre.

The Institute of Scientific, Technical and Economic 
Information (aka Tarilka / UFO)
Architect Florian Yuriev

© Aliona Solomadina / graphic design