Exhibition and research project “Znak (Mark) Ukrainian 
Trademarks 1960–80” / curated by Uliana Bychenkova,
Nika Kudinova, Aliona Solomadina U,N,A collective,
animated by Oleksii Romanenko /
Mala Gallery, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, 2017


Znak project explores the trademark graphics of the designers who worked
in the Kharkiv Chamber
of Commerce in 1960-80’s (Ukraine). 

It returns the forgotten
names of outstanding artists 
to the public and raises
the problem of the state of Ukrainian design archives.

This project shows how the modernistic heritage may be transformed and
acts in the new media.

Volodymyr Pobedin (1918–2006)

Znak. Ukrainian Trademarks 1960 — 1980s
is research by U, N, A collective
(Uliana Bychenkova, Nika Kudinova, Aliona Solomadina)
on the history of Ukrainian graphic design, in particular,
on the area of corporate identity during
the period of Thaw, Stagnation, and Perestroyka.


“Why There Are Great Women Artists in Ukrainian Art” / Book design /
PinchukArtCentre Research Platform, 2019



Lehkost [Lightness], typography light
installation in Prague city space. 
Part of Kunsthalle Praha Facade Project.
Photo Kryštof Kříž.

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Dovzhenko Centre visual identity, 2020.

The center's activity is focused onpreservation,
restoration, research and increase of the
National Ukrainian Film Fund. 

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   Aliona Solomadina / graphic design